A pharmacist from Russia learns the importance of the Academic Vocabulary

“At first, I didn’t understand how important deep knowledge of the language was in order to get a high score for TOEFL. I, like a lot of people, thought that practice is a key for success and that quantity will turn into quality one day. Instead of actually learning the language, I just tried to train myself on TOEFL.

The speaking section was my Achilles heel. I always thought that it was unfair for ETS to make test-takers to fit so much information into the 45 second time period. After another attempt to pass the test, I was almost 100% sure I would get a high score for the speaking section, because I managed to use a lot of information from the given materials and I was very frustrated when I got my report and I had failed my speaking section again.

After that Danijela recommended me to try the “Academic Vocabulary Workshop” course. I was able to finish the first section of the course before my next TOEFL attempt and finally I lucked out. Even though I thought I would fail again because this time my speaking answer was missing some of the information, apparently, I underestimated the importance of academic words for the test.  Unfortunately, ETS doesn’t explain what they actually liked in my answer, but I remember using a lot of academic words because my topic was similar to the topic from the section of the workshop I just finished.”

Elena Downey, Pharmacist, Philadelphia, PA

A pharmacist from Ukraine gets 29 in Speaking

I am a foreign pharmacist and I passed the TOEFL exam with 29 points in the Speaking section! I took the exam 4 times because I had problems with speaking – I was stuck at 23. After my third try, I realized I needed to find a teacher who can evaluate my speaking and help me. So, I contacted Danijela. She identified my problems and taught me how to fix them. We practised A LOT, under the real time conditions, with different types of questions. After a couple of months of our work I passed TOEFL and my speaking score was 29! Getting my target score on TOEFL has enabled me to continue pursuing my licence and my career in the US.

Irene B. -  Pharmacist, Nevada

A physician from Mexico aces TOEFL

“As an international medical graduate I needed a very high score on the TOEFL.  I must confess that at the beginning I underestimated how challenging this test could be, so, I only studied from the materials that I could find at the local libraries.  After taking the exam on two different occasions and not achieving my objective I decided to take classes with Danijela Jovanovic.  Danijela is competent, knowledgeable and very experienced teaching ESL and TOEFL preparation courses to students from many different countries. She identifies your strengths and weaknesses and guides you in the right direction. This is crucial in order for you to achieve your goals. When it comes to English preparation courses taking the course with teacher Danijela Jovanovic is a great choice and an excellent studying experience. You just can’t go wrong with her.”

Dr Ian Alarcon,  Addictions specialist/Family practice

A university lecturer, Irina, gets her target scores TWICE

“When I immigrated to Canada in 2009, I needed to improve all four English skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking) to obtain a faculty position at the University of British Columbia. One of the classes that I took was Danijela’s TOEFL preparation course.  Danijela’s students gave a very good feedback on her teaching style and effectiveness in exam preparation. With Danijela’s help I got the TOEFL score I needed to secure a research and teaching position at UBC.

Six years later, I needed to pass TOEFL with a high score (24/30 in each section) to apply for a Clinical Trainee’s licence.  After three attempts with self-preparation my score in the Speaking section was consistently 23. I contacted Danijela and asked her for a few private lessons in order to figure out my problem. Danijela gave me a trial test from her collection and provided me with detailed description of my strengths and weaknesses. She suggested a structured approach to improve my weaknesses, and after a month of preparation with her, I obtained a score of 27 in Speaking. Moreover, I improved my Writing from 25 to 26.

I would describe Danijela as a great teacher, who helps students to improve their skills in a very structured and gentle manner. I would definitely recommend Danjela as a teacher for those who need to improve their TOEFL skills.”

Irina Manokhina,  MD, PhD, Research Associate, Teaching Fellow, Department of Medical Genetics,  Faculty of  Medicine, University of British Columbia

A pharmacist from Poland gains confidence in his speaking and gets 27

Meeting Danijela for the first time, I quickly noticed that she has a lot of experience. I have met her just few times, but she helped me to be more confident, and this is very important if you want to have a good score in the speaking section of TOEFL. In order to pass TOEFL as a FOREIGN PHARMACIST,  I had to get at least 26 points. I have been struggling to cross a barrier of 24 points for a while, but with her positive attitude and approach to the speaking section, I got 27 points! That was a huge achievement for me. She is not only a great teacher, but also a mentor and a coach. Sometimes not just the English is the problem, but what we believe, and she helped me to believe that it is possible to be a good speaker and get more than 24 points in speaking. I am glad that I met her.”

Arkadiusz Stobierski –  Pharmacist, New Haven (USA).

A Permanent Resident from Brazil makes Vancouver his new home

“I came to Canada five years ago, with no English, and after a few months, learning the basics, I started taking classes with Danijela. At the time, I intended to go to university and return to Brazil when I finished.  I went to university, but when I finished my studies, I did not want to go back. Today, I have a good job and I have been invited to stay in Canada as the Permanent Resident. The skills I learned in Danijela’s classes helped me to pass the TOFEL test and  get into Douglas College, to maximize my points in my PR application when I took the CELPIP exam, and to communicate efficiently at work.”

Rodrigo Laia Manentti, Assistant Manager for RW & Co.

A PhD Student from Cuba conquers the world of the Academia

“I suddenly realized that TOEFL was my first step if I wanted to succeed. I studied biology in Cuba and my intention was to apply to a Masters. My English was very poor at that moment and arriving in Vancouver, Canada, my best aspiration was as a cleaner. I decided to began the school and was there where I met Danijela. This great professor changed my life and she did not have any idea. She was very patient with me, she gave me extra activities as soon as she noted my interest and she even helped me to make very good friends when she realized I was alone in the city. She was the best one and she did a great job with my English education. I took the TOEFL. I got 101 (more than the points I needed) and all the world’s doors were open for me.
I applied to a masters in New York, I got it! and at the same time I got a position in the City University of New York as an adjunct lecturer. Coming from a cleaner to finally being inserted in the Academia, I could not be more happy! After almost two years and having my masters done, I applied to a PhD in the University of Miami presenting the same TOEFL result and I was accepted as well!
This professor was essential in starting this chain of successes! After her classes all in my life was improving to infinitive levels. It is impossible to be more grateful as I am to her!”

Olivia Pineiro Ramirez, PhD Student, Miami, FL

An Engineer from Italy uses his TOEFL skills in his career

“I was Danijela’s  student for 4 months when I had to prepare for TOEFL iBT test.  During that period with Danijela’s support, I improved my listening, writing and speaking skills. My Academic vocabulary improved as well, giving me the chance to interact positively with native speakers. All the lessons, the exercises and test simulations enabled me to get a high score on TOEFL iBT  test.
Once I returned to Italy, I got my first job immediately. I’m now employed as optical engineer and project manager in an international company, active in space, medical, laser and defense & security field. I work every day with foreign companies, institutes and agencies, such as NASA, ESA, European Community Committee and various National Committees. The same skills I learned in Danijela’s classes, are now fundamental to take notes during meetings and conference calls, to present in public and to prepare reports.”

Dr. Matteo Marmonti, Senior Optical Specialist & Project Manager at Optec SpA

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