Our Head teacher/AdviserDanijela, has been helping International students solidify their English skills and  ace their Academic English Proficiency exams, for more than 20 years.  She has worked with both groups and individuals. Her students have come from all over the world – from Europe and The Middle East, to Asia,  Africa and Latin America.  Many of them were International Professionals: physicians, pharmacists, dentists, nurses, engineers, teachers, university lecturers and MBAs,  After Danijela helped them ace their TOEFL  exam, most of them went on to pursue their higher education, get their professional accreditation, or land their dream job in North America.

Over the last couple of decades, the number of the Internationally Trained Professionals who are planning to study and work in North America has been consistently growing.  Professional ESL Test Prep keeps listening to their demands.  As a result,  in 2017,  we decided to start offering online TOEFL preparation and Academic English services. We have also made it easier to connect to other experienced English language Instructors.

Hundreds of International Professionals have chosen to prepare for their TOEFL exam with us, because they know that our Head teacher/Adviser understands what they are going through. As someone who wasn’t born, and didn’t grow up in an English speaking country, Danijela has experienced most of what International Professionals are going through now. When she immigrated to Canada, as an English teacher she already knew the “schoolhouse”  English. However, she had to re-learn the functional English necessary for everyday communication (which, as International Professionals know too well, they don’t teach in language courses in non-English speaking countries) .

Many years later, that proved to be an advantage – her colleagues, other experienced English Language instructors, born in North America , often couldn’t relate to their students’ struggles, as well as Danijela could.  Because of the similar background, she has always understood her students’ issues, and been able to help them deal  with their problems.  Oftentimes, that went far beyond the language problems; her students knew they could talk to her about  more private issues – their families, jobs, education and the immigration process.

As an International Professional herself,  Danijela has constantly had to verify her qualifications and  prove her abilities to every new employer. That lead to an even better understanding of the frustration that International Professionals  often feel,  especially when they cannot work in their industry, land the jobs that they are more than qualified for, or  get the promotion they deserve, before they prove their English proficiency.  That is why Danijela has made it her mission to help mature students master the Academic English and ace the  TOEFL exam, so they could finally move on with their life and career in English speaking countries.

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