Academic English & TOEFL Prep Academic Vocabulary Masterclass

Academic Vocabulary Masterclass


What is the Academic Vocabulary Masterclass?

Our Academic Vocabulary Masterclass is an offline group  course that focuses on the Academic English VocabularyReading and Writing.

In our sessions, we use highly effective Academic English learning resources. These resources, combined with the instructor’s extensive experience in teaching Academic English and TOEFL preparation, have helped hundreds of past test takers ace their Academic Proficiency tests.

What does the Academic Vocabulary Masterclass include?

Each Unit includes:

  • Academic Reading passages
  • A number of focussed Academic Vocabulary exercises
  • Topics for discussion and Academic Writing
  • Four two-hour group review sessions
  • Ongoing guidance, correction and feedback from our Head Teacher

Who is it for?

Any mature ESL / EFL/ EAL speaker and International  Professional who needs to take the official TOEFL, IELTS or CAEL would benefit from this course.

How to register:

You can sign up for our Masterclass bi-weekly. Every two weeks, over the course of 8 hours, we cover  a complete Academic English Unit.  The price of a two-week Masterclass is $300 CAD, and there is no obligation to subscribe to any other services.


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